A post by Haykey Kaariainen from New Zealand ( me of the idea of creating an "OPEN SOURCE HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES PROJECTS" website. I haven't learned to build WEB SITES yet. I would like to begin creating one that later would be improved by YOU, well intentioned, more talented and better informed people (as with LINUX). I had been thinking of a similar Web Site to get people joining to build my Self Sustainable ECOVILLAGE dream in some land I own and have available in the Andes and the Amazon jungle... but... well, that's another topic...
I am a natural born inventor, an invention adict, and love the idea of HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES, like bicycles and its variations. Over my life I have designed some devices trying to improve bikes and make them more versatile (I dream of a healthy world of healthy human beings travelling in HPV). At first, I did not think of getting international patents for them, for sometimes they have been invented before; neither a national one because in Perú, where people is so inventive due to necessity, and manual work so cheap, no one respects or enforces patents, they just copy everything. At certain point I thought of letting people see and copy my designs at some bikers' meetings... and sometimes I wonder if it would be necessary to patent some designs to own the right to let others use them and prevent some selfish and greedy company to own them. I wonder if there is a well intentioned organization out there in the 1st world which would patent this kind of inventions to keep it free to develop it in a LINUX way. If any of you know about such organization, please, tell us.
Meanwhile, let's brainstorm about this topic! You might be able to help with ideas for building such a WEBSITE or have ideas or links for IMPROVING BICYCLES making them more versatile, efficient, or CREATING another kind of HPV. Imagine a world dominated by Human Powered Vehicles!
Thanks, in the name of the Universe, for your good will.


Do you have any pictures of your designs?